Our Tai Chi Instructor’s Virtual Half-marathon

For the last 3 years our Tai Chi Instructor, Kevin Brown, has run the Edinburgh Half-marathon to raise funds for the Branch. Not to be outdone this year by coronavirus restrictions on live events, Kevin has once more set himself a half-marathon challenge by opting for a virtual one. Such events involve individuals running the distance on their own at a time of their choosing while recording route and time on a GPS watch or similar and submitting the results to the organisers..

Kevin has signed up for the Alloa Virtual Half Marathon and has opted to run the full distance of 13.1 miles on the day the original event was scheduled for, viz. 27th September (some have already completed the distance, some have done it in stages). Kevin is hoping to have some volunteers provide company for him at a safe social distance along various sections of the 13.1 miles.

If you would like to donate in recognition of Kevin’s hard work and dedication to raising funds for the Branch, you can do so via his Virgin Money Giving Page

And for those interested in Kevin’s Tai Chi sessions, while the regular on-site branch activities are suspended Kevin is running his weekly classes online via Zoom. You can find out more on our Tai Chi page

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