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Online Information/Support Sessions for Families, Friends and Carers of PwPs

Parkinson’s does not only affect the person with Parkinson’s. Family and friends can also be affected in many different ways. It can be helpful to get together with others who understand your situation.

Online sessions provide a valuable opportunity for people to meet with others across Scotland and access support by sharing experiences and information.

Parkinson’s UK have done a pilot and based on this and subsequent research with attendees, they have designed a Spring programme of online information and support sessions specifically for families, friends and carers of people with Parkinson’s.

It can be difficult to discuss how Parkinson’s has impacted on you in front of the person with Parkinson’s, so these Zoom sessions are only open to family members, friends and carers.

Three sessions are outlined below:

For more details, please contact Chloe on 0300 123 3679 or at


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