Parkinson’s Voice Exercise Group (Online)

Scotland’s online Parkinson’s Voice Exercise Group

Have fun using and strengthening your voices together!

The emphasis of the Parkinson’s Voice Exercise group is more on exercising and strengthening the voice, than on singing.  However, the sessions will include elements of music, movement and singing.

When: Weekly on Wednesdays, 10.45am – 12pm, on Zoom, starting 13 September
Cost: £3 per session/per household

The sessions are tailored for people with Parkinson’s – but family members are welcome too. They will use music, movement, breathing, vocalising and singing to help strengthen your body, mind and voice and keep them supple. The sessions will includes fun exercises that you can use at home.

I always leave each session better than when I arrive. My voice is stronger and more relaxed. I speak more clearly and loudly. My mood is lifted. I have benefited from an hour’s brain activity focused on positive experiences, shared with a great bunch of like minded souls


For further details, contact Chloe on 0300 123 3679 or email:

The image is a flyer, confirming the details which are in the main post. an image shows a lady with her arms wide open, as part of the exercises.
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