Lockdown Cookbook is Now Available

Our wonderful fundraiser Lou Ogilvy came up with an idea to create a cookbook, with contributions from Branch members and their family and friends.

The idea was for people to think about a dish  that they have loved making over lockdown. So it’s a bit like a cookbook of the ultimate in comfort food, to some extent!

The books are now ready for sale. The cost is £10 per book.  Postage and Packaging costs are expected to be £2.50 (though we are trying to work out if we can deliver, and keep legal in respect of Covid-19 travel restrictions!)

To order, please email Lou at: lo4parkinsonsfundraising@gmail.com

Or write to: Lou Ogilvy, 7 Victoria St,  Rosewell, Midlothian EH24 9BS

Payment can be by cheque, or cash (sent to Lou).

You will also be able to pay through our Just Giving page. Please ensure that in the comments you do acknowledge it is for the Cookbook.  But, please do not claim Gift Aid (if you are eligible to do so), as it does not apply when we provide goods in exchange for money.

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