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Line Dancing Fundraiser

2015 LINEDANCE POSTERThere will be a fundraising event on Friday 24 April. Our DJ Rep will teach a couple of learner dances but the night is a linedancing disco. Anyone is very welcome to buy a ticket and can come to watch. Please bring your own drink and snacks.
Lots of dancing, raffling, quizzing

There will be several different raffles:

  1. £1 a strip … normal prizes
  2. £2 a ticket … a surprise but a fantastic prize worth just shy of £700!

Tickets available from Lou Ogilvy and singing4fun members, will be drawn on Fri 29th May at our Annual Ceilidh.
3. £5 a strip … a special raffle for our linedancing friends

Date Friday 24th April
Venue Marchmont St Giles church 1a Kilgraston Rd Edin
Times 7.45-11.30 pm

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