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Exenatide Study: Two-year results published

The study of the drug Exenatide, already in use for treating type-2 diabetes, showed promising results for Parkinson’s patients in a limited human trial, undertaken by a team led by Dr Tom Foltynie of UCL. In the latest issue of its on-line newsletter, the Cure Parkinsons Trust announces that the research team has just published the two-year results. Although further research is needed, for the first time ever, the results of this trial suggest that Exenatide has the capacity to halt the progress of the condition over the course of at least two years.
Journal reference:
The results are published in Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, IOS Press, ISSN 1877-7171(Print),1877-718X (Online), DOI 10.3233/JPD-140364, online Date: March 24, 2014

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