ERIG talks by Tilo Kunath and Leona Braund

On Saturday 2nd December, at the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Dr Tilo Kunath, who leads a research group in the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, gave a talk entitled

Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s: where are we now?

Following Tilo’s talk there was a presentation from Leona Braund from Inverness, who is a Person with Parkinson’s (PwP).

The record audience was enthralled by what turned out to be two outstanding contributions of very different flavours: the first, scientific and the second, intensely personal. For the first time, we recorded the ERIG presentations and you can view the results by clicking on the link below.


  1. Best viewed full screen
  2. Camera icon allows a) single screen viewing e.g just the Powerpoint slides or b) Picture in Picture viewing with the presenter in a small window that can be moved around or 3) Side by side (slides and presenter alongside each other). The arrows above the camera icon toggle the views
  3. The three horizontal bars at the top left drop down a menu of the Powerpoint slides – clicking on a slide will take you to that part of the lecture.

Talks by Tilo Kunath and Leona Braund

You can download a short summary of the meeting, written by one of our members, by clicking on this link: Summary

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