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Community Access Programme (CAP) Introduces Danceability

We have been provided a programme update in relation to CAP:

CAP Individual Card Referral reopens

Edinburgh Leisure informed us that they have reopened CAP Individual Card referrals as of Tuesday 15th December.

Now that referrals have reopened, the Branch can offer you opportunity to be referred to apply for a card.  It is something that you have to do through an organisation, you can’t apply as an individual.

On being successfully referred, individuals will receive a welcome text message and email with information about the programme and how to use their card. Their card will then follow in the post.

The individual card FAQ can now be found online here. This provides individual cardholders with all the information they need about how to use their cards and access Edinburgh Leisure venues following their reopening.

Danceability Online Classes

As part of Edinburgh Leisure’s online class pilot, they are offering CAP organisations the opportunity to trial one of their new targeted online classes. Danceability is a fun, low level dance class specifically for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Participants can take part standing or seated. Classes will be running on Monday 22nd December and Tuesday 29th December, at 10.00am. This opportunity is open to both CAP organisation and individual card holders and the document (link above) has all the information required to help book a space in the session.

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