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Branch Members Ceramic Exhibition (14th-27th November)

Branch member Andrew Guest is having a new exhibition of his wonderful ceramics.  He previously had an exhibition in 2019 (further details below).

Xanadu’ is the latest exhibition of ceramics by Andrew, on show in the window of Rock & Bird ** art shop in North Berwick.

Eleven bright white objects, mounted in black frames, sit quietly on shelves in the Art Shop window. What are they? Surgical devices, costume accessories, or plans for fabulous desert cities?

After his display of ‘34 Pill Pots’ (see below for more details) in the window of the North Berwick Pharmacy in 2019, Andrew (who lives in North Berwick) again brings his quirky objects to the streets of North Berwick.

Andrew describes his work as a ‘celebration of the ordinary…honouring and protecting the throwaway, and opening a window into worlds of consumption, manufacturing processes, materials, and waste.’

**Rock & Bird is at 64 High Street, North Berwick.  The exhibition runs from 14 to 27 November, and is visible 24/7 (in the window on Market Street).

For further information, call Andrew Guest 07816 512228.

Overview of Andrews 2019 exhibition work:

Over a 3-year period Andrew kept a sample of the used blister packs for every type/brand/strength of pill he took, eventually making ceramic pots from each of these.

Andrew’s pots were based on packs from everyday painkillers, herbal extracts, antibiotics and the first drugs he was given after being diagnosed with PD. Andrew said at the time, “As well as witness to the simple properties of plaster and clay, the work is a tribute to the advanced technology of drug manufacture and delivery that the blister pack represents and the ordinary beauty of the empty pack. It is also a picture of one person’s dependency on this method of treatment”.

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