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Branch Meeting on 8th October

Dear Member,
We have two speakers at our meeting next week:
From 2.00pm, Diane Wilsdon, Influence and Development Officer for Parkinson’s UK Scotland, will talk about her work on improving Parkinson’s services in Lothian and how Branch members can help and contribute to this. She says that
At the Edinburgh branch meeting I am planning to give a bit of background to the project with the Delivering Excellence Strategy being developed by Parkinson’s UK, then tell people what we are aiming to achieve here in Lothian and what we have done so far. I want to leave plenty of time for people to tell me their experiences of services and what they think works really well and we want more of and what they think needs improved and what they think of the plans for the next year or so of the project or if there are other issues we should be focussing on. Most importantly I also hope we get some people that would like to get involved.

Further details, including a presentation she gave to West Lothian branch, are available in the previous post

At 3.00pm, Fiona Morris, a herbalist, will talk about her work with reference to Parkinson’s
Her web site is at

Fiona said she’ll give a general talk, with points of particular relevance to Parkinson’s and will bring samples which we can try out. If we like, we can give her a note in advance of any questions/topics which we’d like her to cover. You can downlaod a summary of Fiona’s talk by clicking on the following link:

Parkinsons Herbs

We meet as usual at:

At Bellevue Chapel, Rodney St, EH7 4EL

Wednesday, October 8th

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

With Best Wishes

Patrick Mark


Edinburgh Branch, Parkinson’s UK


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