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Branch Blether: With Sasha Baggaley in Online Conversation

Our second Branch Blether will take place at 2pm on Thursday 8th October 2020.  (Please note, this is a change from social media posts which gave anticipated, not confirmed date).

For this Blether, we have a wonderful opportunity to speak with Sasha Baggaley. Sasha first came to us in 2016, bringing her special brand of Pilates, and recently her Neurodynamics, to people with Parkinson’s.   We took to her right from the start, at the Let’s Get Moving event in May that year. Since then Sasha has grown her work and reputation among us, and far wider, to become a leading national authority on the skills, provision and health benefits of exercise for Parkinson’s.

To begin, we will exchange some questions and ideas about Sasha’s experience with Parkinson’s, how her practice has been developing, and pathways that she believes lead to greater wellbeing.  We will then break into smaller groups for our more intimate chats.

If you haven’t received an email from Patrick Mark with details of the Zoom login details, please email:


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