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Art Group Re-Starting Soon!

We have it on very good authority that at some point in August, the Art Group will resume.

The day and time seem to be the same (Thursdays at 2pm at ‘The Botanics’, near the Cottage).

However the sessions will now be outdoors, with up to 6 participants and a volunteer for support.  We will confirm if a booking system is needed, as we will have to ensure only 6 people each session.

Participants will have to bring their own art materials. Lindsay McDermid suggests:

“Painting outside is defiantly more fun with materials that are light-weight and easy to carry. For the classes at the botanic Gardens, I would suggest that you keep materials to the minimum and use; pastel chalks or pencils, / charcoal, / pens (ink, brush, felt). Or any of the vast range of pencils that are now available in art shops.

You may have a favourite paper or canvas; by all means stay with it, but be careful of size I would keep size to A4 (21×29.7cm.) or A3 (29.7x42cm) any larger than A3 becomes unmanageable.

If you’re having to buy some paper, make sure you buy appropriate paper to the media you are using. Go to a specialist art shop. Having the right materials makes a big difference and skimping on the paper is just not worth it.

Ensure your paper is attached to a piece of card or similar to prevent it slipping about in the wind.

Finally dressed for the occasion don’t wear your Sunday best and bear in mind that you can get cold after sitting down for long periods.  I would suggest every 15 to 20 minutes get up and stretch and walk about, if you can, to prevent getting cramps. And regularly Look into the distance for a few minutes to stop eyestrain”.

Any questions please call Lindsay who will be running the classes on: 0795552816 or email:

We will keep you posted of updates and we will be updating the website page for the Art Group, when full details are finalised.


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