Relaxation Group

Relaxation Group for those with Parkinson’s Disease & Carers

Anxiety is something everyone experiences from time to time. People with Parkinson’s often find they experience more worries, panic or anxiety than they have in the past. This can cause  unpleasant feelings, such as a pounding heart, churning stomach and muscle tension. This in turn can make the Parkinson’s symptoms worse. One way of managing anxiety is through relaxation. We are holding a relaxation group for people with Parkinson’s.

Living with Parkinson’s can be difficult not just for the person affected but also for their friends and family. Those close to you may have increased worries. By learning relaxation skills with someone else we hope you will be able to practice together at home. This is why this group is open to your carer if they decide to attend with you.

What will the group involve?

  • We will explore how learning to relax might help you and how it may affect your Parkinson’s.
  • Each week we will look at a different form off  relaxation.
  • We will do a relaxation exercise in the group
  • we will talk about how you found it.
  • If you have found it helpful you will be able to practice during the week.

This group will take place:

  • For five weeks ( commences 12th March 2015)
  • One follow up week date to be confirmed
  • In the WGH hospital seminar room, Royal Victoria Building

What’s next?
If you are interested in attending the group, or want
further information, then please phone the
psychology department on:
0131 537 3823
We can then arrange with you to discuss the group further and any further questions you may have.

You can download a flyer about the group by clicking on this link: Group Flyer