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Wu-style Tai Chi Chuan

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan practice concentrates on the slow repetition of clearly defined moves. These moves build, in time, into a sequence (hand form) that can enhance cognitive as well as physical states.

When: Currently sessions are online – please contact Philippa to confirm dates/times.

(Pre-Covid, classes were every Wednesday from 17:30 – 19:30 Class starts at 6pm).

Contact: Philippa Hope Mob: 07720 674924 Email:

If the classes return to face-to-face sessions:

Where: Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh, 5 Little France Drive, Edinburgh, EH16 4UU

The class will also include work in pairs, developing awareness of and reaction to our own and others’ position in space (proprioception).

Exercises are based on self defence applications, which will be demonstrated. This will help you remember and understand the movements and the biomechanics of moving from one posture to another.

The class is free of charge to People with Parkinson’s or their care-partners.

It is essential that places are booked in advance.

Advance booking gives you free access to the CRM car park.

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