QMU Student Projects


We have an ongoing collaboration with Dr Gillian Baer and Dr Jane Hislop, physiotherapists at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, setting up student projects for physiotherapy students.

  • “A questionnaire to establish the barriers and the facilitators to physical activity in people with Parkinson’s Disease in Lothian.”
    This project was granted ethical approval by Queen Margaret University. and involved a group of final year physiotherapy students in designing and administering a questionnaire which sought to elucidate the factors influencing Parkinson’s patients’ attitudes towards exercise.
    The documentation for the project can be downloaded by clicking on the links:
    Patient information sheet
    Patient questionnaire
  • Validation of accelerometers and smart phone Apps in the measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in people with Parkinson’s Disease.
    You can read about this project and its implementation by clicking on this link:documentation for participants
    You can read about the results by downloading a poster presented by
    Beth Donnelly at the Scottish Physical Activity Research Connections meeting in Edinburgh on 26 October 2016 :

Speech & Hearing

We also are providing volunteers in collaboration with Speech & Hearing Sciences, for a Masters level dissertation project by Eilidh Letham, entitled:
The effect of listener familiarisation on the intelligibilty of dysarthric speakers: the impact of familiarisation condition on speech recognition and the possibility for listener focused interventions.

Click to download the participant information sheet