Pilates for Parkinson’s

With Neurophysiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, Sasha Baggaley

Pilates is about core stability. With regular attendance, as your core strength develops so will stability throughout your entire torso, which can help with some of the mobility and postural issues of Parkinson’s. It also works to promote flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints. By helping reduce the effort placed on the body during everyday activities it can also help lower fatigue levels. The class begins seated then moves to mat work. Where necessary, exercises are adapted for the individual.

The contribution towards class costs is £3 per session bookable in a block, the length of which varies from term to term but the total for any block is based on £3 per session.

Sessions are:

MONDAYS, 2.45 – 3.45pm AND 4.00 – 5.00pm, Christchurch Morningside, 6a Morningside Road, EH10 4DD. The pre-Easter 2019 dates are 25th February to 8th April giving a 7-week block so the total contribution is £21. Note, there is no entry to the room before 2.40pm and there is no parking at the venue but it is well served by the Lothian Bus service. When booking please specify the time slot required.

FRIDAYS 2 – 3pm in the Conservatory at Pollock Pavilion, 227 Ferry Road, EH6 4SP. The pre-Easter 2019 dates are 1st March to 5th April giving a 6-week block so the total contribution is £18. The Pavilion has a small car park and the location is served by the Lothian Bus service.

FRIDAYS 11am – 12noon, Morningside Parish Church, 2 Cluny Gardens, EH10 6BQ. The pre-Easter 2019 dates are 8th March to 12th April giving a 6-week block so the total contribution is £18.  There is on-street metered parking around the venue and the location is well served by the Lothian Bus service.

Those completely new to Sasha’s classes are entitled to two free trial sessions.

Payment is by cheque to Edinburgh Branch Parkinson’s UK at the first session or after the two free trial ones. If cheque is not possible, cash can be placed in an envelope with your name on it. There is a maximum of 12 participants per session but the maximum number of PwPs that can safely be instructed and monitored is 10 which means there is space for 2 care-partners if they wish to book a block. All equipment is provided.

To find out more or to book, please contact Sasha via 0131 620 3780 or sasha@edinburghparkinsons.org.