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Hypnotherapy Pilot

A six month pilot investigating the positive impact of hypnotherapy upon our experience of living with Parkinson’s is about to begin. Anne-Marie Parham, a GHR registered and accredited clinical hypnotherapist, will be working with volunteers over the next six months, creating bespoke treatment plans to meet individual needs.  To be eligible you must live within the Lothian Health Board area. Home visits are available if you live in the following postcode areas: EH1-EH30 and EH47-EH55.

Anne-Marie describes hypnotherapy as a way of creating change by working with your unconscious mind. “Within a state of hypnosis, your mind experiences a deeper sense of relaxation together with a narrow but concentrated focus. This environment is ideal for gently providing suggestions that allow you to perceive your environment and experiences in different ways, positively impacting upon your emotions, thoughts and responses.”

She further explains “Hypnotherapy can help you to develop a mindset that will enable you to more effectively manage the emotional impact of living with Parkinson’s. From diagnosis to ongoing symptomatic experience, I can help you to reframe your perceptions and responses, positively impacting upon your levels of wellbeing, confidence and self-efficacy. I understand that hypnotherapy cannot cure Parkinson’s but firmly believe that working with you I can help to mitigate its psychological impact”.

If you would like to participate in the pilot, please contact Gina Allen:


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