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Walk in The Park (Trial)

The Walk in the Park initiative is going ahead, albeit as a kind of pilot, or trial ‘run’.

At least two committee members or volunteers will be at the meeting points. There will be options for medium paced or slower paced walks, so that everyone can walk at a pace that suits.

The first three dates/places are:

  • Mon 29 November 10.30 (Hermitage of Braid Cafe)
  • Thurs 28 October 10.30 Meadows (JawBone Walk entrance on Melville Drive)
  • Tues 12th October 10.30 Inverleith Park (gate opposite the west entrance to Botanics)


The walks will be relatively informal. We know that Parkinson’s can put paid to the best of plans, when an ‘off day’ happens. We wanted to have an activity where people are very welcome to just turn up on the day. No need to register in advance, and worry if on the day they don’t feel able to come along. The walks are open to People with Parkinson’s and their supporters.

We look forward to enjoying good company, some exercise and fresh air. Suffice to say as we are in autumn, please wear suitable clothing and footwear!

We will typically end the walk close to somewhere that people can go for a tea or coffee somewhere close to the park.

(We have completed a risk assessment, and so are ready to begin.  We will of course adhere to any current guidelines in relation to Covid-19)

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