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Indoor Bowling

Please note, as of June 2021 the Indoor Bowling has resumed.

With this activity the constant movement helps burn excess fat, the legs are exercised walking back and forth between ends; as you roll the ball the repeated flexing, bending, twisting and stretching tones the shoulders, arms, chest and leg muscles; and gripping the ball strengthens the hands. Your sense of balance and your hand-eye co-ordination are also given a workout. Then there’s the pleasure achieved through a little competition.

All this is done in a very gentle fashion in a sociable environment at Meadowmill Indoor Bowls, Tranent, EH33 1L, Mondays, 12 noon to 2 pm, ALL YEAR round.

Adapted wheelchairs are available.

Under normal circumstances, every year there would be a Fife Bowls Challenge where a match takes place with the Parkinson’s UK Fife Branch, the two Branches taking turns to host the event. Some years we win, some we lose but a very enjoyable time is always had by all as shown on the faces of this typical challenge teams photograph.  (We can’t promise the match will take place in 2021, but we will keep you informed if it does go ahead).

group of bowlers at the Fife Bowls Challenge

For more information, contact Kenneth Williamson on 0131 336 4088 or via

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