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This activity is currently suspended, though we are trying hard to resume.

The sessions are run in the purpose-built Hydrotherapy Pool at the Astley Ainslie Hospital, Edinburgh EH9 2HL. The pool is situated within the Physiotherapy Department in the Scientific Block and parking is available. The sessions are run by Physiotherapist and Hydrotherapy specialist, Jackie Rochmankowska. The aim is to help build strength and flexibility using the extra support the water provides for people with Parkinson’s.

Participants have to be able to enter the pool without the need for a hydraulic lift (which is available but only for use in emergencies) and if assistance is needed with changing, participants are asked to bring a care-partner. The sessions are held on Fridays, 2-4pm and run in blocks with individual sessions lasting half-an-hour. Jackie is supported by trained lifeguard and volunteer, David Waughman, and Branch volunteers, Kathleen Bessos and Sheila Edward.

For health and safety reasons, we ask potential participants to complete a self-referral assessment form. To find out more regarding the form, session availability and booking, please contact David via

For the time being the sessions are free, being funded by the Branch. However, participants may consider making a donation to the Branch via our JustGiving page.

Jackie RochmankowskaIf you need specific information about this type of hydrotherapy pool exercise and what can be achieved, please contact Jackie via

Note, if any Members find they need a more specialised service, they can approach the Parkinson’s Nurses and/or their GP regarding referral for appropriate one-to-one hydrotherapy.

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