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Branch Get-togethers/Blethers

Face-to-face events are currently suspended due to the Covid-19 measures.

Under normal circumstances the Branch gets together every month from September to April for a sociable event usually with a key speaker.

We are currently undertaking online events we call ‘Branch Blethers’.  These are not planned too far in advance and some are relatively organic, and spring up quite quickly.  We will keep you posted of when they take place.

We aim for two per month and they are usually on a Wednesday or Thursday, either around 11am or 2pm.  We have to be flexible for speakers and availability to host the Zoom platform.  We use social media to announce, often as an item in a Newsletter, or an email to Branch members.  But we will also put as a News Item on the front of the website a few days in advance.

All welcome!

Members talking at a Branch Get-together

Summaries of past Branch Get-togethers and other events

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